Where can I purchase Hermès leather goods?

Why is there sometimes a delay before a leather goods item is available?

Why can't I find an item on the website?

How may I receive a sample of your fragrance?

Size guide

Which size of enamel bracelets shall I order?

Which belt size shall I order?

Care and repair

How do I care for my Apple Watch Hermès watch and bracelet ?

What warranty does my Apple Watch Hermès have ?

How do I repair an Hermès item?

How do I clean my Hermès scarf or tie?

How do I care for my Hermès bag or leather good?

How do I care for my jewelry?

How do I care for my Hermès watch ?

What warranty does my Hermès watch have ?

How do I care for my saddle?


How do I authenticate an Hermès product?

Stores selling beauty products

Where can I find Hermes makeup?

Orange boxes

Will my order be delivered in an orange box?

Do you sell your orange boxes?


How can I order a bespoke object?

How long does it take to create a bespoke object?

How do I order a custom-fit saddle?

Apple Watch Hermès

What does GPS + Cellular mean?

How do I set up cellular service on my Apple Watch Hermès?

How do I receive calls on my Apple Watch Hermès (GPS + Cellular)?

How much does cellular service cost?

Can I use my Apple Watch Hermès (GPS + Cellular) internationally?

How can I find out if my iPhone service plan is eligible for Apple Watch Hermès (GPS + Cellular)?

The Hermès Tie Society

What is The Hermès Tie Society?

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