Terms and Conditions of Sale

Last updated 16 Oct 2019


1. Seller’s Identification

2. Scope of Application and Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

3. Availability of Products

4. Ordering Procedure

5. Price – Methods of Payment Accepted

6. Title Retention

7. Shipping Methods

8. Delivery Problems

9. Right of Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

10. Procedure for Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

11. Legal and commercial guarantees

12. After-sales service and availability of replacement parts 

13. Limitation of Liability

14. Assignment and Subcontracting

15. Cumulative Rights and Remedies

16. Waiver

17. Force Majeure

18. Illegality and Severability

19. Partnership

20. Third Party Rights

21. Entire Agreement

22. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

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