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Hermès Carré Club

Not So Square!

Hermès Carré Club in Milan

  • Pierre Marie

    Both an inventory of Hermès items and the crème de la crème of silk, the twenty-four scarves designed and chosen by the artist make an exquisite collage.

  • Liz Stirling 

    From wild flowers to baby blooms and night masks, folding silk is her hobby horse.  

  • Gianpaolo Pagni 

    Stamp in hand, the designer applies ink onto his Jeu des Omnibus Remix scarf and leaves his black-and-white mark on an intriguing composition.   


Milan fell for silk

After a quick stop at the Click and Check conciergerie inside the Palazzo Bovara, to get their membership card, the guests headed for the Carré Studio to watch our scarf designers create live. Afterwards they swapped silk stories at the Carré Café, before wavering between a bowl cut or bangs at the Carré Cut salon, the flagship patterns of the capsule collection at the Carrémania pop-up store, and vocal warm-ups at the Carré-OK booth. 

Hermès Carré Club in Los Angeles


One facade, five gigantic scarves… a few blocks away from the Hermès Carré Club, silk shows its colours on the walls of L.A.

  • Alice Shirley

    Be it with the Waves or Into the Canadian Wild, the London-based designer sets out on a colorful journey and turns a sketch into a scarf.

  • Édouard Baribeaud

    An Italian Renaissance and cinematographic art enthusiast, the artist stages and colours the first scene of the third act of his famous inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream, poetic play-scarf, Acte III, scène 1, La Clairière.

  • Cyrille Diatkine

    The French scarf designer draws on-the-spot, takeout sketch portraits.


Los Angeles was in a state of carrésteria! After checking in the Conciergerie, our guests dashed into the Carré Studio to meet and watch our scarf designers create live. Afterwards they shared some quality time and silk stories at the Carré, before heading to the pop-up Carrémania store, to try on the capsule collection of the Hermès Carré Club.

Hermès Carré Club in New York

Meet the mind-blowing artists who performed live in the Carré Studio and have celebrated the free-spirited craftsmanship of Hermès.

  • Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl

    From their one-of-a-kind design machine to their exquisite cadavre exquis, Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl let their imaginations runs freehand and wild on the paths of silk.

  • Virginie Jamin

    Inspired by the Émile Hermès collection of fanciful objects, Virginie Jamin arranges swinging compositions to the beat of her own drum.

  • Ugo Gattoni

    Ugo Gattoni, a master in visual games and ace illusionist, gives free rein to his little horse Mino, letting him frolic on his intricately designed scarves and animations.

"New York City went carré-zy! Guests mingled with Hermès silk artisans at the Carré Studio, relaxed at the Carré Café, sang their hearts out at Carré-OK and danced the night away at the Carré Disco. 


Hermès Carré Club in Singapore


From the Carré Cut, where guests came in droves for a red-hot hairdo, to the Carré Park, and its intense skateboard rides, through to the swinging Carré Disco, silk-lovers shared well-crafted stories. Under a shower of flying scarves, Singapore has just succumbed to the carré-sistible energy of the Hermès Carré Club. 

Hermès Carré Club in Toronto

Nearly 4,000 guests enjoyed the Hermès Carré Club experience in Toronto. From the Carré Studio, where carré-smatic designers showed their creative process live, to the busy Carré Café, where local bands had pop-up gigs, from the dance floor to the atelier, a delighted community of silk aficionados shared and spread the Hermès "Not So Square" spirit of modernity.