The story behind

Where does the name paisley come from? The paisley motif, originally from Persia, is a symbol of an imaginary flower representing love. It is found in India, China and the Middle East. Over the centuries its outlines have been simplified and stylized. Paisley, a town a couple of miles outside Glasgow, Scotland, was a large textile manufacturing center from the late 17th century. When the famous motif invaded the courts of Europe and spread to the upper classes, the town became a leading supplier in Britain, eventually lending its name to the paisley pattern. This booming industry has since died down, although a museum still attests to the history. In 2016, Hermès partnered with Paisley Museum, selecting this design from the many books of samples held in the collections. The motif has been enlarged and reworked to create the Paisley from Paisley scarf, a tribute to the city, its fabrics and its talented designers.

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