Muguet Porcelaine Eau de toilette

SEK4,000 (SEK2,000/100ml)

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Product description

Muguet Porcelaine is a wave of delicate little bells, evoking the opalescent whiteness of porcelain. A silent flower becomes eloquent. A parfum with a heavenly, jubilant register. Luminous, joyful and diaphanous.

Volume: 200 ml

The story behind

“There’s so much subtlety in the lily-of-the-valley that I’ve often dreamed of enhancing it. I immersed myself in its fragrance to reproduce the beauty and supple, sensual delight of this flower, with its porcelain-like fragility.” Jean-Claude Ellena
Hermessence is a collection of sober and intense olfactory poems. Nature is reinvented, to original effect. Raw materials are transcended. The collection symbolises creative freedom, a highly individual writing style, encapsulating the essence of the signature of a great house. Each Hermessence fragrance is available with or without a leather case.