The hidden side of Hermès time

The hidden side of Hermès time

Hermès time reveals its powers of attraction. Where magic meets reality, the Arceau L’heure de la lune model plays with the ballet of the stars.

Travelling in another dimension

The new Arceau L’heure de la lune watch offers a unique vision of Earth’s satellite, with the simultaneous display of moon phases in both northern and southern hemispheres. Two mobile counters gravitate on a meteorite dial, by turns concealing and revealing mother-of-pearl moons, in step with an exclusive module, coupled with an H1837 Manufacture Hermès movement. These mischievous displays have swapped cardinal points, with the south in the north and the north in the south. A topsy-turvy direction inviting observers to lose their bearings, with their head in the stars…

Setting foot on the moon and losing one’s sense of time and space

Framed by a white gold case, the mechanics adopt a light, unexpected, playful role. On a meteorite dial, the moon at 12 o’clock is adorned by a Pegasus designed by the “dreamer-designer” Dimitri Rybaltchenko. Entitled Pleine Lune (Full Moon), this portrayal of the winged horse hints at a passage between two worlds. In the opposite hemisphere, at 6 o’clock, the moon’s twin provides a realistic depiction of its surface. A free-spirited and impertinent vision of mechanical watchmaking according to Hermès, where magic and reality merge, they reveal the hidden side of contemporary watchmaking. In this zero-gravity space, the Arceau L'Heure de la lune unfolds like a new day.

Enter the dance of the hours

Between simplicity and uniqueness, darkness and light, the Arceau Ronde des heures shoots for the moon to better subvert it. This new expression of time by Hermès, which is deliberately playful and paradoxical, diverts the moon from its expected role. Here, the Earth’s satellite itself indicates the time as the numerals whirl in the moonlight, while the minutes hand points to the distant stars of a constellation.

The rhythm of the cosmos

A fascinating mechanical representation of the course of time, the Arceau Grande Lune model is a poetic reflection of the Gregorian calendar. In addition to the hours, minutes and seconds, this model features a permanent display of the days of the week, the months and the date, accompanying the moon as it waxes and wanes.

A dream of weightlessness

On an intense blue background, the moon can be seen … a little… a lot… then disappears in accordance with its cycle. Enhanced by light gemsetting and a constellated dial, time becomes dreamlike, powered by a Hermès H1837 Manufacture movement. Arceau Petite Lune reveals its cheerful personality through subtle mechanics that are matched only by the poetry of this celestial object.