Hermès Editeur Julio Le Parc

Hermès Éditeur
Julio Le Parc

Variations autour de La Longue Marche is an edition of 10 series of 6 scarves, each a unique piece.

The artist

Born in 1928 in Mendoza (Argentina), Julio Le Parc lives and works in Cachan.
A major proponent of the geometric and kinetic art that marked the 1960s, he was a founding member of GRAV (Groupe de recherche d’art visuel, 1960–1968).
His work explores the concepts of movement, light and optics, as well as the relationships that exist between the work and the observer.

The project

“During my visit to Julio Le Parc’s studio, among the many proposals that brought vibrancy to forms and colours, La Longue Marche (1974–1975), a key work with immense personal resonance for the artist, stood out for its monumentally radical nature,” explains Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès.

A true ode to colour, Julio Le Parc’s proposal, entitled Variations autour de La Longue Marche, led to the edition of ten series of six unique scarves, a total of sixty silk scarves in the 90 cm x 90 cm format. 

The project devised by Julio Le Parc for Hermès Éditeur is a series of variations around six of the ten paintings that make up La Longue Marche, not simply a transposition. “The original work allowed me to explore other possibilities by changing the order of the colours and discovering new visual situations,” explains the artist. The result is a completely new proposal, as Julio Le Parc has divided sixty silk scarves into two categories: those that present the fourteen colours of the prism, and those created from the three non-colours: black, white and grey.

From one scarf to the next, the prismatic web spreads out into fluid, winding paths that experience in turn the visual properties of superposition, twisting, braiding, and interlocking. Variations autour de La Longue Marche draws the eye into an elaborate game of almost labyrinthine forms and structures of curves and counter-curves.

The scarves

10 series of 6 unique pieces.

The editions

  • Josef Albers

    For its first edition of works of art on silk, Hermès immediately thought of Josef Albers, one of the great colour theorists, and in particular his Homage to the Square series. Six of his works were selected and reproduced on silk, then produced in 200 units each.

  • Daniel Buren

    For its second edition of works of art on silk, Hermès invited renowned contemporary artist Daniel Buren to leave his imprint on house’s emblematic silk scarf. The exceptionally large-scale and highly original result, entitled Photos-souvenirs au carré, was a series of 365 unique scarves.

  • Hiroshi Sugimoto

    For its third edition, Hermès invited Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. And so Couleurs de l’ombre was born, reproducing 20 Polaroids on silk to form a limited edition of 20 scarves produced in 7 units each, or a total of 140 scarves measuring 140 cm x 140 cm.