Hermès on Stage

Hermès on Stage 

The rehearsal 

A stolen painting, a director, five suspects and a few accessories for clues.

But who could have done it?

Carry out your own investigation by listening carefully to the “confessions” of the actors in our story. Don’t let yourself be distracted. What they are wearing is as important as what they say. Real life or theatre?

  • Suspect n° 1:
    the Lady 

    She lives, eats and breathes art in all its forms. Classic and timeless, this inveterate collector never leaves out a detail. From the top of her hat to the shape of her gloves, nothing is left to chance. She also loathes the notion of chance. Some say that she considers herself to be a work of art. The best day of her life? The day she acquired her collection’s flagship painting. So imagine when it was stolen. Her world collapsed. On the face of it, everything points to her innocence, but  appearances can be deceptive...

  • Suspect n° 2:
    the Adventurer

    Wearing his favourite belt, he travels the globe in search of priceless treasures. He has braved the oceans, crossed continents and climbed mountains, but he still has his own holy grail to pursue: a painting depicting a moonlit clearing that may just conceal a vital clue for completing his precious map. There are so many reasons why he would want to get hold of this canvas…

  • Suspect n° 3:
    the Performer 

    Fanciful and excessive, she is never where you expect her to be. A true chameleon, she likes to identify with people and art to better reproduce them. Until the day she discovered the Lady’s painting before it was stolen. So be warned! To achieve her goals, she can hypnotise you by fixing her gaze on yours and swinging her pendant from right to left, left to right... Sleep, go to sleep!

  • Suspect n° 4:
    the Hippie 

    For her, life is the rain and the wind. For her, life is movement, and above all it is a multitude of questions. Seeking meaning in life, she rocks back and forth as if in a trance, making her bracelets tinkle. Thirsty for knowledge, she seeks answers with every step and circumvolution. Ever since she spotted the Lady’s painting, one glance was enough for her to understand that the whole truth was right there in front of her. What if the most candid member of the group wasn't really so candid?

  • Suspect n° 5:
    the Detective 

    Each of his appearances could be accompanied by a drumroll. Moving in the half-light, his hat firmly wedged at an angle, he conceals a part of its face. Surprising, for someone who is supposed to shed light on this matter! And while he usually keeps his cool, he whispers to himself that his heart beats for a certain collector. Hidden intentions, maybe? Shh, we shouldn’t spread rumours, he might take his revenge…

The clues revealed

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Style reveal

For the autumn-winter 2019, materials are making a strong comeback. From saddle-stitched leather to enamel, from rabbit felt to the polished corners of metal, you’ll find your counterpart for solving all mysteries.