Men’s Autumn-Winter 2019 collection | Hermes

Men’s autumn-winter 2019 collection

With a determined and light step, the Hermès man walks a fine thread, that of elegance. When he encounters a dragon along the way, a unique game emerges between them, revealing the spirit of the new collection... Is it a dream or reality ?


In this imaginary world, the horse turns into a dragon and chimeras adorn clothing and accessories like coats of arms. Repeated to infinity, the dragon motif gives them relief and depth.

False pretences...

Materials blur sensitive lines. Rubberised canvas or lambskin ? Woven silk ? By synesthesia, colours are disguised as materials (kraft, sage, saffron, burnt brown, absinthe, etc.).

... and trompe l’œil

The gaze is constantly invited to reconsider what it has just seen, to discover elements overlooked at first glance.

A change of perspective...

Straight lines, parallel lines, diagonal or convergence lines, broken or curved lines illustrate in trompe l’œil the scope of this new collection, which is also that of the imaginary world of the Hermès man. Multi-faceted, he follows his own path and opens up new perspectives in 3 dimensions.

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