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The forgotten bag

A lost Mosaïque au 24 bag. A young woman with an indecisive heart. A providential stranger. Fresh and Parisian, this tribute to the films of the French New Wave immerses us in the confusion of love.


When Kelly came to town

A reward for a missing Kelly. A mysterious stranger. Some determined enemies. A western in the purest tradition where heroes are not always the ones you imagine.


The Girl with the Black Bag

The Simone Hermès bag becomes the inadvertent star of a gripping story that is troubling from start to finish. Between film noir and psychological thriller, The Girl with the Black Bag leaves you breathless and doubting everything.

Strong links

More than ever, materials pay tribute to the artisan leatherworker’s know-how.

Embrace the bag


Pop Fiction

Leather weaves and roams around Californian roads.

Kelly Story

The fruit of myriad metamorphoses, from the lady’s bag with straps to its wicked wicker version, the Kelly bag reinvents itself endlessly.

The rebirth of an imperial leather

Its name is an invitation to dream and travel. Lost for many years, the secret of its unique tanning has now been rediscovered: Russian leather is being reborn in the new leather collection under the name Volynka.

The Birkin

The fruit of a high-flying encounter, this idol of a thousand faces has many tricks up its sleeves.
RSE Planète

Leather, a precious material

The house’s craftsmen and designers devise new solutions to reduce and recycle offcuts; this precious raw material not alwaysbeing used in its entirety.

The Key to Constance

Timeless and structured, with its H-shaped clasp, this elegant, rounded bag keeps your secrets safe.

Tokyo, Japon

Hermès holds a unique place in the life of Eriko, who works at the University of Tokyo.