Thank you for purchasing this piece of Hermes jewellery. Hermes jewellery is made with great care and is of exceptional quality. Whether it is worn every day or on occasion, it is a precious piece that requires special attention. To preserve its beauty over the years, we suggest that you carefully read these instructions and care recommendations.
If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to bring your jewellery in to a Hermès boutique.


Bring it to life every day
The more you wear your Hermes jewellery, the less care it needs ! This may seem paradoxical, but wearing it on a regular basis slows the natural tarnishing process, on both gold and silver. With time, your jewellery will gain a unique patina, the signature of your shared history.
Avoid unpleasant encounters
Although it is highly resistant, precious metals and naturel stones are sensitive to their environment.
In general, we recommend that you remove your jewellery before any activity that may damage it : sport, swimming pool or beach, but also housekeeping, gardening and DIY.
Beware of shocks, which cause marks and scratches of varying depth. Similarly, several pieces of jewellery worn or stored in contact with each other may scratch or catch one another.

Finally, to slow down the natural oxidation effect, avoid exposing your jewellery to moisture, intense heat, and contrasts in temperature. Make it a habit to remove your jewellery before washing your hands, and for example before a sauna or steam room session.
Protect it from harmful products
Cosmetic products can alter certain organic materials such as pearls or porous stones. This is why we advise you to wait about ten minutes after applying cosmetics and perfumes before putting your jewellery on.
To preserve the appearance of your jewellery, protect it from corrosive and chemical products such as salt water and bleach.
If it does come into contact with one of these products, carefully rinse your jewellery with clear water and dry it with a soft cloth.
Give it the right conditions to make it last
When you are not wearing it, store it in its original box or in individual pouches to protect your jewellery from humidity and extreme heat.

The exception to this rule is jewellery with pearls: the organic material of the pearls requires a certain amount of moisture to conserve its full beauty. Jewellery with pearls must therefore be stored in a place with a humid atmosphere (bathroom), or next to a glass of water filled regularly.
For your own benefit, we recommend that you come to have your jewellery checked in store once a year.

Restoring its original shine

While silver and gold (to a lesser extent) tend to oxidise naturally over time, there are different ways to restore your jewellery to its full brilliance.
For silver, gold and platinum jewellery 
Care instructions depend on the condition of your jewellery:

- If your silver jewellery is dusty or shows fingerprints, rub it gently with a soft cloth or a silk cloth.

- If your jewellery is tarnished or slightly oxidised, clean it with clear warm water, rubbing it gently with a soft cloth. Avoid circular movements, instead rubbing in the same direction. Dry it gently with a soft cloth. You can also use a jewellery cleaning cloth.

- If your jewellery is extremely tarnished, you can use a dip cleaner made especially for jewellery. Soak the jewellery in the liquid for a maximum of 10 seconds, rinse it thoroughly in warm clear water and dry it well with a soft cloth.

- If you think a deeper clean is required, please visit a Hermès boutique: your jewellery can be sent to the workshop to become like new again.

For diamond jewellery
To maintain all the brilliance of diamonds, clean them with warm clear water, gently rubbing with a soft brush, then wipe them with a soft cloth.​

For jewellery with stones other than diamonds
Stones other than diamonds (pearls, sapphires, onyx, jade, spinels, garnets, etc.) require specific care. We recommend that you take them in to your Hermès store.
What should I do if my jewellery is damaged?
If, despite your precautions, your jewellery is damaged (malfunction of the clasp, wear and tear of the links or setting), we invite you to take it in to a Hermès boutique where a personalised expert appraisal will be carried out and a repair suggested if necessary.