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Hermès Carré Club

Not so square!

Hermès Carré Club in Los Angeles

Pass by the Click and Check concierge on Melrose Avenue to discover our club. Then, pop into our Carré studio and meet our scarf designers, have a toast at our Carré Café, swap silk stories, sing your heart out inside our Carré-OK room, and, last but not least, visit our Carrémania pop-up store.
Silk, play, love!
November 8th to 11th, 2018
11am – 8pm

8175 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles
Free admission

Hermès Carré Club in New York

Meet the mind-blowing artists who performed live in the Carré Studio and have celebrated Hermès’ free-spirited craftsmanship.
  • Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl

    From their one-of-a-kind design machine to their exquisite cadavre exquis, Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl’s imagination runs freehand and wild on the paths of silk.
  • Virginie Jamin

    Inspired by Émile Hermès’ collection of fanciful objects, Virginie Jamin arranges swinging compositions to the beat of her own drum.
  • Ugo Gattoni

    Ugo Gattoni, a master in visual games and ace illusionist, gives free rein to his little horse Mino, and lets him frolic on his intricately designed scarves and animations.
New York City went carré-zy! Guests visited with Hermès silk artisans at the Carré Studio, relaxed at the Carré Café, sang their hearts out at "Carré-OK" and danced the night away at the Carré Disco. 

Hermès Carré Club in Singapore

On the first floor, pass by the Click and Check concierge at 3 Lady Hill Road to join our club. Then, visit our Carrémania pop-up store to discover the Hermès Carré Club capsule collection with limited edition scarves, sing your heart out inside our Carré-OK room, and dance under the lights of a square disco ball in our Carré Disco.
On the second floor, explore our Carré Studio to meet our Hermès carré designers and enjoy the creation live, stop at Carré Cut for a full square makeover, swap silk stories, have a toast or enjoy a drink at our Carré Café, and, last but not least, meet outside our skaters as they glide across a carré-inspired ramp.
Silk, play, love!
October 19 – 21, 2018
11am – 8pm 3
Lady Hill Road

Free admission

Hermès Carré Club in Toronto

Nearly 4,000 guests enjoyed the Hermès Carré Club experience in Toronto. From the Carré Studio, where carré-smatic designers showed their creative process live, to the lively Carré Café, where local bands had pop-up gigs, from the dance floor to the atelier, a delighted community of silk aficionados shared and spread Hermès "Not so square" spirit of modernity.