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Enchaînements libres

The Hermès new collection of fine jewellery, Enchaînements Libres, was revealed on 3rd July, in Paris, on the occasion of a dance performance at La Gaîté Lyrique. Pierre Hardy, the Creative Director of the fine jewellery division, explains his work step by step and shares his sources of inspiration.
  • “The whole collection is designed around the body. The chain allowed me to make the link between the cosmetic and the cosmos, words which share the same origin, and which are related to order and harmony.”
    “When you design an item of clothing, the body gives an absolute, pre-established scale, while with jewellery you are free to move from small to large, from single to multiple elements.”
  • “These pieces of jewellery are conceived as extensions of the body. I always seek to understand how they will actually be articulated, how they will flex and move with the body. They reveal gestures, enhance postures. They are objects with a lot of personality, light and radiance.”
    “Far from the jewellery of former times, which obstructed movement, these pieces are designed for modern lifestyles. They dance in unison with the bodies that wear them.”
  • “I always seek that which will be beautiful, that which will appeal to a woman,that which will bring the form to life as strikingly as possible. Beauty is all about impact. I try to find the right balance between the experimental and the fine jeweller’s know-how: une joaillerie de la forme.”
    PIERRE HARDY, Creative Director of Hermès jewellery

“The chain connects and interconnects opposites, it attaches and liberates.”

Pierre Hardy