Oranges Boxes | Hermes

The Journey of an Orange Box

Escape into the enchanted world of Hermès’ storyteller and illustrator Alice Charbin.

Alice Charbin’s Life in Orange

Since 2002, illustrator Alice Charbin has been painting the web pages of the house orange. Her poetic, spirited drawings depict the hundred twists and turns of the orange box,which lends itself, under her fingers, to many a metamorphosis, in a whimsical world where her humour fits like a glove.

Orange Appeal

While orange has won the hearts of the house’s boxes, its beginnings were shaped by the vagaries of history. During the Second World War, supplies of the original boxes, at first cream-coloured with a golden border, then beige with brown piping, ran out. The cardboard maker only had orange paper left: thus what was once a standby became Hermès’s signature. Incidentally, it was during a business lunch, in the sixties, that orange officially earned its spurs new generation’s three cousins, Bertrand Puech, Jean-Louis Dumas and Patrick Guerrand, embraced it for good after seeing many of their customers carry bright orange bags. Ever since then, orange has been all the rage.