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A living material, leather evolves, becomes supple and acquires a patina over time with careful use. Regardless of the color and finish of each leather, Hermès standards require the natural characteristics of the leather—fine lines, veins and pores—to show through. This is known as “transparency.” The more “transparent” a leather is, the more it improves with time.
Leather may, however, be irreparably damaged by:
- prolonged sun exposure, which may alter the color;
- alcohol (perfumes), oily products (lipstick), perspiration and ink (felt and ball point), which may leave permanent marks;
- and water, which may leave opaque traces and sometimes even blisters, which are very difficult to repair.
Each leather is the result of specific procedures and each article is crafted in a unique way. There are no global care products. The best way to care for your leather bracelet is to wipe it with a fluff-free soft cotton cloth and to store it away from light and heat when it is not being used.