The girl with the black bag

The girl with the black bag 

A collision. Two Simone Hermès bags swapped over. A young woman caught in an infernal spiral. A man willing to do anything to recover his property. But who is really calling the shots?

The Simone Hermès

A young rising star, the Simone Hermès bag could soon steal the limelight from its fellows. It is a dark horse, to say the least, its shapely figure with central zip concealing three juxtaposed gussets. Three large compartments, like treasure chests to be filled with little mischiefs and unfathomable secrets, it is an ideal partner that illuminates every scene of everyday life. Camera, action!

  • Adjustable shoulder strap

    Inspired by children’s schoolbooks which, in years gone by, were tied together with a belt, the Simone Hermès reinvents the concept and has fun with space and time. Playing with the past without nostalgia, the newest member of the leather goods family has landed its first major role. Half way between classic and avant-garde, it embraces all genres, and its casual yet solemn look succeeds in captivating even the most demanding spectator. With its adjustable leather shoulder strap that fits perfectly into a roller buckle, it is ready to play a multitude of characters. Like a tracking shot on rails, it covers all distances without ever losing focus. According to the most revered critics, it holds the promise of a great career.

  • Multiple wearing styles

    Both elusive and chameleon-like, the Simone Hermès never ceases to amaze us with the breadth of its palette. Worn on the shoulder, in the crook of the arm or on the wrist, it  transforms at will thanks to its long, sliding shoulder strap, taking on the most varied roles. Refusing to confine itself to a character, never as you expect it to be, it passes all castings with flying colours. Though comfortable in every style, it never loses its mystery. It quite literally has more than one trick in his bag.

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