The first oiling

The first oiling

The oiling is an essential step prior to using your dog collar or leash for the very first time. This treatment waterproofs, softens and deeply nourishes the leather, ensuring its capacity to last.
A bottle of leather care oil is provided with your equipment. The oil is specially reserved for this use: its composition was formulated so that it could be used in direct contact with animals.
Using a brush, apply the oil evenly to the entirety of the leather parts of the collar and leash. Leave the oil to fully permeate the leather for 24 hours in a ventilated room. The leather will develop a darker tone before lightening slightly to acquire its definitive shade.

When using it for the first few times, be aware that the greasy substance may transfer onto other objects that it comes into contact with.

Regular maintenance

The leather must be regularly maintained using treatments depending on its level of use, its degree of wear and the climate in which it is used.

To clean your collar, apply a generous amount of glycerin soap using a sponge moistened with warm water. Pay particular attention to the parts subject to rubbing or sweat, as well as the parts where dust can settle. Repeat the procedure until the sponge is left clean. As glycerin has a nourishing effect, do not rinse the collar after the last wipe. If necessary, you can remove the excess matter by rubbing the leather with a cloth.

Depending on the leather's condition, finish the glycerin soap treatment by applying a nourishing balm. If the leather becomes dry, apply oil to the outer side of the leather to deeply nourish it. Repeat this treatment as often as necessary.