The Kelly Bag

At Hermès every piece has a name. But some baptisms are more memorable than others. The yet-to-be-named Kelly was around for a long time before stepping into the limelight.
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The story behind

In the 1930s, Robert Dumas designed a ladies' handbag with a purist aesthetic that broke with the decorative style in fashion at the time. The Princess of Monaco – Grace Kelly on the silver screen – fell in love with the design and commissioned half a dozen of the bags in various shades. One day in 1956, the bag she had brought along shielded her from paparazzi that pounced as she was exiting her car. Months before the birth of the future princess, the bag had served as a bodyguard for Grace's unborn child. The photo made the cover of Life magazine and was seen all over the world. The bag had found its stage name. The model continued its adventure under the name of "Kelly", and its collection grew with new shapes, sizes, materials and colors under the direction of window dresser extraordinaire Leila Menchari and the Leather Goods Design Studio. Kelly Lakis, Kelly Shoulder, Kelly Relax, Kelly Cut, etc.: all of these variations draw on the exceptional skill of Hermes' leather artisans and saddle makers and its passion for creativity.