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Australian artist and designer Liz Stirling travels the world on the lookout for new ideas. This bandana –her first design for Hermès– is dedicated to an offbeat “equestrian” event she organized during Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais in 2017. While the horses were resting, the spectators lined up for the Lizvegas hobby horse races. The contestants mounted wooden horses for a choice of four events: Pure speed, it was necessary to be the fastest; Extreme elegance, grand style took the prize; Allegro Non Troppo, they raced to the rhythm of the music, and finally, The Gazelles who hit the course in high heels! All of this was orchestrated by a passionate commentator. He gave instructions to the jockeys and comments on the evolution of the competition. When it was all over, the winners and their mounts graced the podium to be awarded their rosettes.

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