Jeu des Omnibus Remix scarf 45


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Scarf in silk twill (100% silk)

Designed by Gianpaolo Pagni

Dimensions: 45 x 45 cm

The story behind
The Italian artist Gianpaolo Pagni loves to appropriate old documents, reinventing their appearance and story in a light-hearted way through the use of stamps. He took great pleasure with this exercise using Jeu des omnibus et dames blanches as his basis. Originally intended as a board game, this watercolour holds a special place in the history of Hermès. Hung on the office wall of Émile Hermès, the grandson of the house’s founder, and today conserved in his collection, in 1937 it inspired the very first Hermès silk scarf. What was the origin of this game? The new omnibus lines, which appeared in the 1820s, and whose horse-drawn vehicles encircle the central medallion. The players placed their bets, then wooden balls were selected from a bag to reveal the winning number.