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Silk, not so square

Silk steps outside the box, breaks down barriers and exudes its own style. Vibrant colours, new formats, explosive motifs: the silk scarf breaks with convention...

Bold wearing styles 

Fold, knot, repeat... With each new way of wearing a scarf, a style is invented: urban Apache, bold warrior or ultra-colourful lover. Place your bets and take a gamble on carrés, bandanas, twillys or nanos.

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At the heart of design

A design is above all a story, a whole world of possibilities, an imaginary voyage. Each season, Hermès collaborates with new artists who create a fantastical illustration within a silk scarf, a design inspired by the equestrian universe or... their own dreams.  Encounters. 

  • Alice Shirley

    Be it Under the Waves or Into the Canadian Wild, the London-based designer sets out on a colorful journey and turns a sketch into a scarf.

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