Milan Design Week 2019 | Hermes

Spotlight on materials

This year in Milan, the collections for the home pay tribute to materials in all their forms.
Materials trace a line, permeate a motif, delineate an object. Granite or porcelain, bamboo or leather, it is the materials that drive the dialogue between designers and artisans.

Tomás Alonso’s ethereal lamps

  • This Spanish designer has conceived a series of lamps imbued with extreme lightness. He has reached this fragile and poetic equilibrium by combining bamboo, paper and coppered steel.

Gianpaolo Pagni: the hippomobile takes on a new dimension

  • Gianpaolo Pagni's "Hippomobiles" designs take on a new dimension on plaids. Translated into brightly coloured cashmere appliqués and embroidered with pearls, the geometric shapes add volume and contrast to the equestrian motif.

Barber & Osgerby, from porcelain to granite

  • In granite or porcelain, intense black or translucent white, the Halo and Hécate lamps contrast with each other in perfect harmony. Created by British designers Barber & Osgerby, their archetypal forms play with the strengths of their respective materials.

Joséphine Ciaudo, the art of leather marquetry

  • Joséphine Ciaudo plays with the bright colours and contrasting patterns of the silk jackets worn by jockeys. Crafted in leather marquetry, these designs enhance the mahogany of the boxes. A meticulous combination of skins with smooth or textured grains.