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Hermès on Stage
The Audition

Welcome to the first act of Hermès on Stage, a mini-series of four episodes dedicated to the creation of a play where accessories take centre stage.

Meet the Cast

One Actor. One Actress. Thirty-Two Accessories. During this audition, Hermès accessories help our two chameleon comedians slide from one character to another.

Five roles for one actress 

  • The Captain

    A spyglass in hand, this headstrong, adventurous character is always on the lookout for surprising encounters and eager to throw her hat into the ring.
  • The Performance Artist

    An intensely creative and edgy character, this imaginative performer pulls out all the props to break the fourth wall and reach the audience.
  • The Hippie

    Dreamy and sensitive, she expresses herself by wearing scarves and bracelets as lucky charms. She embraces her inner self.
  • The Lady

    This charming, sophisticated and sensual character is in the mood for gloves. She knows she has the upper hand but keeps it under her hat.
  • The Party Girl

    Our smart, yet whimsical drama queen of the night knows that fun often hangs by a thread.

The Accessories 

From enamel bracelets and pendants to earrings and belts, discover the essential accessories for a successful metamorphosis.

Two roles for one actor 

  • The Secret Agent

    This skilled, poker-faced character is shrouded in mystery and acts at the drop of his hat.
  • The Curator

    Sophisticated, precise and smart, he has a sharp eye for detail and a sure sense of drama under his belt.

The Accessories

From cool-headed hats and bold bracelets, discover the key accessories to get into the shoes of every character.