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A High-Performance Object

Since 1837, Hermès has been cherishing the relationship between sports and crafts. There is but a stride from our Faubourg store to the Olympic Games. The fruit of the collaboration between our master saddle maker, veterinarian, engineers and partner riders, each saddle combines comfort with technical sophistication. To hone them down to their bare essentials so that horse, saddle and rider are as one is a tour de force.

Each Saddle Is Unique

It takes a single craftsman from the 24, Faubourg workshop thirty hours of work and attention to make a saddle. Since 1900, each piece has been numbered, so as never to be forgotten. They ally the savoir-faire of saddle-making, whose mastery has been handed down from generation to generation, and the modernity of a contemporary sports item made of the best leather.


  • Our experts help riders find the most suited saddles. This meeting is essential: first it takes place on horseback, to choose the right model and measure the rider, then on foot, to measure the horse. Thus, the expert collects all the measurements needed to make an outstanding saddle.
  • Measurement of the horse’s back with EQUIscan®

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