The story behind
Harmony in all things, as the saying goes. Respecting this golden rule to the letter, no well-dressed punter at today’s newly-chic dog races is complete without a beautifully turned-out canine escort, its collar the perfect complement to an elegant, leather-lined motor-car and a set of immaculate luggage. With characteristic attention to fine detail,  an Hermès dog collar is an essential motif in the ensemble, with a range of styles to suit the nattiest Paris poodle or the hardiest Pyrenean mountain dog. Neatly arranged on their display racks, these collars come from the house archives, crafted in checkered Morocco leather, round braid, leather inlaid with dainty studs, saddle-stitched, monochrome, two-tone or multicolored. Each one embodies the house’s constant concern: to design and craft beautiful, long-lasting accessories.

The Perfect Partner