Baobab Cat twillon


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Twillon in silk (100% silk)

A wink to the Twilly, this pretty silk ribbon, long and thin, is made from this season’s scarves and lined with plain twill. This accessory may be knotted in a variety of ways - such as a belt or a strap for your bag. It’s the perfect illustration of the creative fantasy of Hermès and Silk.
Each twillons are cut from a silk scarf, revealing a different design and making your piece unique to you.

Designed by Ardmore Artists

Dimensions: 3 x 193 cm

The story behind
This twillon comes from the Baobab cat scarf.
Discover or rediscover the story behind the original scarf:
A mischievous leopard has slipped into the heart of a baobab flower. For the Zulu kings, this majestic big cat incarnated their noble status, while the baobab represented power and grace. The flowers of this colossal tree only open at dusk, just when the leopard ventures out in search of its prey. The play on composition blends the animal and the plant into a single being, haloed by a crown of white-speckled feathers. The Ardmore artists’ collective works to promote the style and traditional imagery of the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa, where it was founded by Fée Halsted in 1985.