Men’s spring-summer 2020 collection

Men’s spring-summer 2020 collection

In the vibrant light of a workshop, Hermès men reinvent their era. Their imaginations sketch out multiple worlds and compose a modern masculinity.

Joyful nonchalance

Hermès men pay no heed to decorum. Their insolence is found in pictorial hues of mint, aqua, plum and bubblegum pink to light up a summer wardrobe. You can sense the irreverence in the suppleness of the shirts and the volume of the trousers. A contemporary, colourful, sun-drenched style is woven.

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Cutting-edge elegance

Brush strokes reveal other faces. Classic yet fantastical. 
Each detail distracts the eye and softly blurs the style codes. Waxed-edged leathers, cashmere embroidered with lambskin, sweatshirts in fleecy métis goatskin… Craftsmanship flirts with innovation.

Ethereal lines

The looks are fluid and delicate. Their contours are subtly outlined. Ample cuts reveal light textiles.

A playful imagination

Collage and trompe-l’œil, Cubist lines… 
Around Hermès men, colours sizzle and shapes lengthen. Prints dance and materials reinvent themselves. Innately relaxed, the collection combines confidence and sensitivity.

Draw your dreams! 

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