The Big Studio of Petit h

Where do Hermès leftovers come back to life? At petit h, the daring design office where remnants form the art of finds to come.

Mobile symphony

This ‘‘floating’’ mobile, designed by Nicolas Frize, renders time poetic by wandering into space, and gathers a myriad of objects and materials that swirl around each other. It creates a delicate sound landscape thanks to the discontinuous entanglement of resonances that happen by chance and by the combination of possible encounters. The finesse and transparency of its lines contrast playfully with the monumentality of the piece. Some objects hanging from the musical structure are natural, while others have been transformed, put together to become musical objects per se, or just waiting for fortuitous encounters with others. The fruit of petit h creations, these objects are an ode to culinary arts, saddlery, sailing, leather goods, decoration, jewellery… and to our craftspeople’s work and tools.

Meanwhile at Petit h

From the making to the selling, let us wander among Petit h's bunch of artists and ideas and take a peek at how matter is (re)born.
  • Great ideas in good hands

    Leather fastens itself when our craftspeople give it life and thickness.
  • Secrets of totems

    Alternately stiff and soft, leather gives way to the designers’ imagination and returns caress for caress.
  • Objects get packing

    En route to Geneva. Inside their wooden crates, multicolored sheep, fringed ponies and felt domino masks come to life.
  • Petit h, the opening night

    In our Geneva store, planispheres and mirrors mix with an assorted crowd of quirky objects.