Zebra Pegasus shawl 140 - flat
Zebra Pegasus shawl 140 - worn
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      The story behind            

      A graduate of the Central Saint Martins College of Art and The Prince’s Drawing School in London, Alice Shirley is a frequent collaborator with the city’s Natural History Museum. Fascinated by the myth of Pegasus, and the famously untameable African zebra, Alice Shirley reinvents the classical legend, transporting it to southern Africa.
      The celestial mount of Zeus brought forth the fountain of the Muses with a kick of his hoof, and was turned into a constellation by the king of the gods. Here, he swaps his immaculate white coat for the two-tone pattern of his close equine cousins. Completing this highly original portrait, his magnificent wings turn flaming orange, echoing the plumage of African parrots. Has his metamorphosis given Pegasus the power of speech, like them? We cannot know…