Washington's Carriage scarf 70 - flat
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      The story behind 

      Every American town or city has a monument or street dedicated to George Washington, and the man himself designated the site of the Federation’s new capital on the banks of the Potomac river, giving the city (and one of the fifty States of the Union) its name. To mark the event, Washington travelled there from Federal Hall, his New York residence. The year was 1789, and he had just been inaugurated as the first president of the United States of America.
      The crowds were ecstatic, and the presidential escort was a fine spectacle indeed. Three years later, in 1792, a watercolour signed by J. Robert Hart gave a carriage-painter’s view of the Profile of the carriage of George Washington, made in London. The painting is the inspiration for this carré. We like to think that the first presidential carriage, the focal point of that historic day, looked every bit like the one shown here.