Les Voitures à Transformation bandana 55 - flat
Les Voitures à Transformation bandana 55 - front
Les Voitures à Transformation bandana 55 - worn

The story behind

Panorama universel de la haute carrosserie et sellerie, exposition de Londres en 1851, par Guillon. This composition by Françoise de la Perrière is inspired by a grandly named volume in the collection of Émile Hermès – a catalogue of colour plates enhanced with gouache, presenting fine, convertible horse-drawn carriages and saddlery. In the mid-nineteenth century, French and international carriage designs were especially dynamic and inventive, combining aesthetic appeal and technical innovations to fine effect. At the London World’s Fair of 1851, for example, a Paris workshop presented a modular carriage, and a coupé whose protective rain-hood could be raised or lowered at the touch of a button… Convertible carriages were very much in vogue in France, as evidenced by the forerunners of the ‘soft-top’ car seen here, surrounding a central motif inspired by the cane panels frequently used to decorate the bodies of vehicles at the time.

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