Les legendes de l'Arbre Coloriage Scarf 90 - flat
Les legendes de l'Arbre Coloriage Scarf 90 - worn
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      Separated by a thin stream, two triangles structure this scarf. In one, a forest made up of an apple tree, pear tree, oak, alder, linden, sycamore, bamboo, and the traveler’s tree emerges. Their branches are colorfully intertwined while their trunks are rooted in the opposing triangle, where a more symbolic interpretation of nature dominates.  The Donar’s oak, also called Thor’s oak, venerated by the ancient Germans; the cypress, associated with Pluto, whose somber underworld is evoked by its dark foliage; and the Bodhi tree, under which Buddha achieved enlightenment, are all featured in this second triangle. Designed by Annie Faivre in 1998, Les Légendes de l’arbre now reappears as a coloriage scarf through its use of line and color.