Fouets et Badines shawl 140


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Shawl in cashmere and silk with hand-rolled edges (70% cashmere, 30 % silk).

Printed on our iconic cashmere and silk material, this giant scarf is supple, light and easy to wear. It’s the ideal companion for wrapping up on cold days.

Made in France

Designed by Virginie Jamin

Dimensions: 140 x 140 cm

The story behind
Virginie Jamin often draws inspiration from the collection of Émile Hermès. An expert in cleverly arranged designs, each visit unearths inspirational objects as the motifs for her next carré design. Here, Virginie’s eye has fallen on a so-called colportage album of the early nineteenth century, presenting hunting and coachman’s whips, switches and other pieces from the collection. Her imagination completes the ensemble with plaited leather straps and carvings in wood and ivory. The strict diagonal of whip-handles embellished with carefully aligned globes and dogs’ or horses’ heads contrasts with the supple, sinewy network of forms in knotted and intertwined leather straps.