Faune Lettree pocket square 45 - flat

The story behind

The subject is a firm favourite with the Hermès designers, the creators of a host of imaginative alphabets over the years. Florence Manlik presents her own interpretation here: a characteristically imaginative animal alphabet whose cast of creatures is drawn with a light, delicate touch. Each poses in his own way, gracefully complying with the demands of the metamorphosis that will make it a worthy component of this Faune lettrée.
Grace and wit are the watchwords: the fennec fox’s endlessly elongated ears form a letter V; a couple of curvacious bears perform paw-stands face-to-face, forming the letter M; a convex shrimp converses with a squirrel, each playing its part in the letter D. A fitting tribute to the extraordinary character of each of the twenty-six letters of the Latin alphabet, combining to express intimate thoughts, transmit knowledge, communicate a host of languages, and engender multiple metamorphoses whose messages are capable of changing the world.

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