Etude Pour un Iris Arc-en-Ciel pocket square 45 - front
Etude Pour un Iris Arc-en-Ciel pocket square 45 - worn
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      The story behind       

      This scarf takes its inspiration from the flower drawings in the notebook of Benoit Pierre Emery. Three irises and a peony come together to form a sensitive and delicate composition. Iris, in Greek mythology, is the messenger of the gods, just like Hermes. Winged, light and fleet-footed, she is dressed in a veil of rainbow colours, a marvellous vision born from the union of sun and rain. As such, Iris symbolises this link between earth and sky, humans and gods. The elegant flower – whose petals reflect all the colours of the rainbow with their changing, scintillating, and “iridescent” texture – is aptly named after the goddess.