Coaching Scarf 90 - flat
Coaching Scarf 90 - front
Coaching Scarf 90 - worn

The story behind

The Coaching carré is made up of the elements in a horse’s harness. It depicts the original business of Hermès – “harness and bridle maker” – and the world of elegant harnessing where the house made its name. This is a re-edition of a 1977 carré with a background of a horse blanket with a broad edge in wool braid. In the top right and left corners are the blankets thrown over horses’ backs to prevent them catching a chill after exercise or racing. In the seventeenth century, coaches were imposing horse-drawn vehicles transporting passengers and their luggage.
Around 1784 arrived the English mail coach, which died out around 1848 with the arrival of the railways. During the coach’s golden age, driving carriages drawn by four horses was very popular in the Prince of Wales’ set before he became George IV. In the early nineteenth century, young aristocrats set up exclusive clubs for this practice and had replicas of these vehicles built for their personal use: this was the beginning of the private coach or drag which mainly served to show off in any society gathering. This special sport was destined to last a long time, because it demanded control of four horses at once; to do so, the driver could only rely on long reins without being able to use his legs as a rider can. For this sport, the horses are harnessed to a shaft with a collar harness with bridle, collar, girth, straps, reins and curb snaffles.

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