Claude Viallat scarf 90 - flat

The story behind

In 1966, at the age of thirty, Claude Viallat adopted the motif that ultimately came to characterise every aspect of his work, making it immediately recognisable. The distinctive shape, repeated on unframed canvases and other textile supports, embodies Viallat’s approach to the art of painting:  the different elements making up a painted work are its essential substance and subject-matter.
Viallat was one of the founder members of the Supports group, whose painterly preoccupations were expressed in their 1969 manifesto: “The object of painting is painting itself, and pictures in an exhibition refer only to themselves […] They offer no escape, because the breaches with form enacted on their surface deny the viewer any possibility of mental projection or imaginative extrapolation.”  And so, in Claude Viallat's work, the support becomes an inexhaustible terrain for experimentation, while his motif – always clearly identifiable – evolves through the play of colours, repetition, rhythm, media and space.
Admired for his exceptional talent as a colourist, Viallat’s work has been exhibited worldwide: in Europe, Asia and America. Now, at the invitation of Hermès artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Viallat has travelled to the house’s silk-printing workshops in Lyon to create an exceptional carré in collaboration with Hermès artisans and colourists, bringing his signature motif to a new support: silk twill.

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