Cavalcadour Morning shawl 140 - flat
Cavalcadour Morning shawl 140 - worn
The Perfect Partner
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      The story behind

      This carré is a meeting of two worlds: Morning, by Nigel Peake, is a spectral presence in the intertwined bridlery of Cavalcadour by Henri d’Origny, the designer of numerous carrés, invariably characterized by their masterful composition and motifs of choice. In Henri d’Origny’s designs, harness pieces are transformed into ornamental lines and curves.  By contrast, Nigel Peake, an architect by training, translates the world around us into rhythmic, rectilinear patterns and planes. His motifs mingle with the contours of Cavalcadour, transfiguring its bits and snaffles into colorful, striped ribbons.