The story behind

In this composition, five squares are cut into long strips, the aim of the game being to reassemble, confront and unite them once the desired effect is achieved: an unexpectedly harmonious coming-together of motifs, forms and colors. The painter Maurice Denis would doubtlessly have appreciated the concept. Writing in the nineteenth century, he declared that “a painting – before it becomes a war-horse, or a female nude, or a telling of some well-known tale or anecdote – is essentially a flat surface covered with colors in a particular, ordered arrangement”. This exercise in style was initiated by Bali Barrett for the Soie Belle collection in 2005. At that time, the carrés were stitched together. Today, they are printed. Bali Barrett’s designs “H cinétique”, “Calèche élastique” and “Le Monde est un fleuve” join “Mors et gourmettes” by Henri d’Origny and “Bouteilles à la mer” by Pierre Peron, united through their distinctive designs, and their chromatic and formal power, to create “Calèche mors et bouteilles”.

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