Petit h l Hermes


An ode to audacity, the universe of this atelier consists of unique, enticing articles.

One fir all

Blue angels, gingerbread or snowmen, petit h’s guests gather around the Christmas tree. 

petit h’s tale

Once upon a time, from a giant elephant pouffe to a target mirror, petit h landed in Hong Kong with its new creations to tell a story, a tale of materials and their metamorphosis.

After Hong Kong, petit h will fly to Hermès store in Chengdu, China, where it will stay from 25th April to 19th May 2019.

Welcome to the petit h workshop

In a mind-expanding research unit at the crossroads of all the house’s know-how, a brand-new kind of creative team works hand in hand with artists and designers. Their goal is to take a new look at materials, to reinvent, innovate and create dreamlike, useful objects with the help of our craftspeople.
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