Silk Mix in Brussels

Let men's silk be music to your ears!

Music: L’IMPÉRATRICE - Dreaming of you (feat. Isaac delusion) Remix Thierry Planelle / Hermès Silk Mix

Shall we put a record on?

Welcome to Silk Mix, an experience inspired by a record store, a place that is all about browsing, listening and discovering. A place in which men’s silk scarves illustrate record sleeves, while ties adorn cassettes. A living place, the scene of unexpected encounters and surprises.

When the joy of selecting a scarf or tie is the same as that of playing a favorite record: chosen to match one’s mood, the weather or an encounter.
Wednesday 23 May from 12am to 10pm
Thursday 24 May from 12am to 10pm
Friday 25 May from 12am to 10pm
Saturday 26 May from 12am to 10pm
Sunday 27 May from 10am to 8pm
Wednesday 30 May from 12am to 10pm
Thursday 31 May from 12am to 10pm
Friday 1 June from 12am to 10pm
Saturday 2 June from 12am to 6pm

Hermès Silk Mix
37 Place du Chatelain
1050 Brussels