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“Un Jardin sur le Toit” is the rooftop garden at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré. This lush shrubbery was created in the mid 1920s at the time when Émile Hermès raised the height of the building, expanded the store and leather workshops, and built a cabinet of curiosities to house his collection. A hanging garden nicknamed the “vessel” of Hermès was part of this story. Couture models were photographed in the garden from the 1930s. During the Second World War, potatoes were grown there to feed employees. Robert Dumas planted an apple tree and his son Jean-Louis harvested the fruit to make jelly. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Hermès in 1987 a pyrotechnist on horseback was installed on the roof! Reseda, impatiens, crocus, hawthorn, sage, roses, tulips and apples have grown over the years into a “garden of pleasure that does its own thing, and sings to us of loving life,” in the words of perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, who in 2011 created an eau de toilette inspired by this urban oasis. For the occasion, Philippe Dumas, a visitor to the garden since he was a child, sketched in lively, charming strokes one of the drawings to which he holds the secret. 

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