Women’s fall-winter 2020 runway show

Women’s fall-winter 2020 runway show

The fall-winter 2020 collection displays functional elegance with a rhythmic juxtaposition of the pure lines of the outdoor wardrobe and touches of invigorating color. 

Performance and practicality

Harmonious silhouettes reveal the contrasts. Buckles and straps feature on subtly asymmetrical pieces, lines and dazzling colors shape the contours of functional, understated elegance.

The balance is in the detail

Hermès symbols feature on the embroidered patch on a varsity coat, in a horse-bit shaped bag clasp or on the collar of a polo dress. A cleverly toned-down sporty look, with heritage nestling in the details.

The décor

A carousel of vertical bars where the lines and colors of jumping converge. Silhouettes emerge here, reappear there, in this boundless arena that reveals a new look. 

BK – Film
Studio Frédéric Sanchez - Music
Gaspar Ruiz Lindberg – Detail photography 
Andrea Ferrari – Scenography photography