Meanwhile at petit h

The Big petit h Studio

Where do Hermès leftovers come back to life? At petit h, the daring design office where remnants form the art of finds to come.

Meanwhile at petit h

From the making to the selling, let us wander among petit h's bunch of artists and ideas and take a peek at how matter is (re)born.
  • Great ideas in good hands

    Leather fastens itself when our craftspeople give it life and thickness.
  • Secrets of totems

    Alternately stiff and soft, leather gives way to the designers’ imagination and returns caress for caress.
  • Objects get packing

    En route to Geneva. Inside their wooden crates, multicolored sheep, fringed ponies and felt domino masks come to life.
  • Petit h, the opening night

    In our Geneva store, planispheres and mirrors mix with an assorted crowd of quirky objects.