The Haut à courroies

The Haut à courroies

  • The oldest member of the family

    The Haut à courroies was Hermès’ firstborn, before the automobile and the taste for travel, at the beginning of the 20th century. Designed by Hermès to protect and transport saddles and riding boots, this ingenious and practical bag made life easier for riders and offered them an early expression of elegance. Its rigid flap folded flat against the rear of the bag creating a wide opening. The two saddle flaps were thus held in place by the straps, as if absorbed by the bag, like a sleight of hand.
  • From rider to traveller

    Diverted from its equestrian use by the arrival of the automobile, the Haut à courroies became the ideal travel bag for adventurers. An intriguing detail: this ambassador for the house’s history of saddlery and itinerancy had no name. Tall (haut) and equipped with straps (courroies), it became the Haut à courroies. Strong, calm and straightforward.
  • The essence of know-how in saddlery and leatherwork

    Over time, the Haut à courroies has retained its vocation as a phenomenal holdall that is spectacular yet extremely refined. A trapezoid design gives surplus to its volume with devilishly modern geometric boldness. Side straps entwine the colossus, while its short handles provide good grip over a burnished rigid flap. Light is reflected in the brass of the swivel clasp and padlock, both emblematic codes of Hermès leather goods, as is the saddle stitching. The hanging bell effect completes the incredible look of the bag, which stands firmly on its little base studs. Exemplary since its creation, the Haut à courroies bag is the emblem of Hermès expertise in saddlery and leatherwork.
  • The dimensions of travel

    Do you want it in size 40, halfway between a handbag and a travel bag? Or would you prefer it as a travel bag in size 50?
    The Haut à courroies is strong and powerful; it is impressive, masterful and sovereign.
  • A vast creative playground

    The large size of the Haut à courroies offers a fabulous field of expression for the Hermès workshops.
    Do you like it romantic in its “flag” version, symbolising the great transatlantic journeys, in canvas and leather with coloured central braid? Or do you prefer it in its toodoo version – soft, whispering felt in a woolly world of rawness? It also exists in Toile de camp canvas and, in its Russian version, Volynka leather.
    Its entire surface area has been taken over to depict a Californian landscape with a road stretching around its circumference in a 360° panorama. A technical feat achieved by assembling 47 glued and stitched pieces of leather in 11 colours.
    Another creative journey takes us to the very edges of the cosmos, with paint applied randomly by hand to the leather. The odyssey of the Haut à courroies has only just begun.