Artisans of enlightenment | Hermès

Artisans of Enlightenment

Light, born of line: Hermès jewelry is a jewelry of form. It is form that sculpts the material, that reveals radiance, that illuminates the precious stone.
A jewelry tradition reinvented to serve creativity.

Interplay of light

“A piece of jewelry contains the idea of shining a light on a specific part of the body: a wrist, an articulation, a collarbone.
The jeweler’s craft is to capture this light and reflect it.”

Pierre Hardy,
Creative director of Hermès jewelry

Black to Light

The Black to Light collection is based on an interplay of paradoxes created by the combination of black gemstones and rose gold. As radical as it is refined, the collection transcends the depth of the materials, revealing remarkable radiance.

  • Precious black

    This collection combines the gentleness of rose gold with two natural gemstones: black jade, of a deep and velvety hue, complements the refined sparkle of the dazzlingly black spinels. The jade evokes the intense depth of leather, while the black spinels are reminiscent of the shiny coat of a thoroughbred. Light becomes a precious material.

  • Inestimable

    Grain setting, bezel setting, micro-pavé setting: the black gemstones are worked with the utmost rigor, exalted by the craftsman’s virtuosity, meticulousness and precision.
    Pavé setting the black spinels is a time- consuming and delicate process that takes on average twice as long as diamond setting.
    It takes over three hundred hours to grain-set the 3,522 spinels of the Fouet necklace, each cut with 57 facets.

Disrupting convention

Black to Light is a modern form of jewelry of a bewitching sensuality for both day and evening. Urban and liberated, with a rock ’n’ roll attitude, yet delicate, sophisticated and daring,
these pieces invite all kinds of wearing styles.