Women's Autumn-Winter 2019 runway show l Hermes

Women’s Autumn-Winter 2019
Runway Show

Assertive looks, crisp lines, confident sensuality. With her long legs in high-waisted shorts, a pencil skirt or close-fitting trousers, the Hermès woman steals a march on winter.

Urban Rider

A jockey-inspired blouse featuring the Couvertures et Tenues de Jour scarf, a riding jacket, or a jacket whose buckle resembles a stirrup bar, create a crisp look. Cockades and equestrian browbands become part of the Hermès woman’s wardrobe.

Enveloped in the evening

The Hermès woman moves between shadow and light enveloped in a coat in double-face calfskin suede, studded with Clous de selle and Clous Médor. An urban, structured look.

Sensual Pleats

Folds and pleats inspired by cockades and competition rosettes appear at the neck of blouses and on the bibs of dresses. Optical stripes structure a turtleneck dressage bodysuit, highlighted with charcoal-black leather.

Play on Volumes

High-waisted shorts are matched daringly with strappy, lacquered-heel pumps, and contrast with the down blanket coat in water-repellent calfskin, which conceals a quilted lining.

Leather Worked Like Fabric

Braided, topstitched or quilted boutis-style, supple leather is worked like fabric on a trench coat, a jacket or a pencil skirt.

Secret Details

Imposing lacquered heels, chalk-white thigh boots, mini Constance bags with a phosphorescent H worn on a belt: a constant contrast of matt and shine.

In Reverberating Light

Behind wooden screens, lights dance and models walk in a perfect oval, in a setting inspired by an auditorium.

BK France – Film
Studio Frédéric Sanchez – Music
Jean-François José – Show photography
Gaspar Ruiz Lindberg – Detail photography
Alexis Armanet – Set photography