Freedom in silk | Hermès

Freedom in silk

Spring-Summer 2019 Collection
An air of freshness is blowing through the 2019 spring/summer collection. Fall in love with the sensuality of silk, play with its dimensions, have fun with colours, be carried away by designs. Pop or pastel shades, graphic motifs, squares, shawls, bandanas, losanges, anything goes: tying a scarf is a dialogue with style. Be carried away! 

New perspectives

  • Top of the scarves

    Silk twill plays a game of metamorphosis with two 90 cm Washington's carriage detail wash scarves. Fold the first scarf into a triangle, tie it at diagonally, point down, on the shoulder. Repeat the operation on the other side with the second scarf. A light touch, a delicate perspective, perfect to sweep a simple pair of jeans off its feet.
  • Silk soirée

    Abracadabra: as if by magic, L'art du sarasa, a 90 cm scarf in silk twill, takes on the appearance of a brooch, combined with metal chains.
    Braid, wind, twist, roll, mix, knot... and silk comes to life.
  • A dream in blue

    The blue and white of the Silk up silk bandana creates an asymmetrical drape. It is the colour of self-evidence: it emphasises a sleeve, ventures into nonchalance and transforms the simplicity of an all-denim look.  To be tied in pairs at their ends, for a sophisticated effect.

A new angle

The giant triangle, the latest addition to the silk family for this spring/summer 2019 collection, yields to a playful geometry of style. Its dimensions, 188 x 94 cm, perform every exercise without calculation: minimalist, as a trompe l'oeil collar, or a joker, when it encircles a cap. Bouclerie moderne, Kachinas or Quadrige Bayadère, its three designs invite instinctive combinations.