Men’s Autumn-Winter 2019 runway show | Hermès

Men’s Autumn-Winter 2019 Runway Show

These are clothes for today, and for a long time to come, showcased in the highly confidential storerooms of the French Mobilier National, the institution responsible for furnishing every official building in France.

Exacting and Subtle

This collection suggests a man with exacting standards and sophisticated, yet unostentatious, tastes. He likes lines that are clean and precise, but unconventional, such as the subtle, rounded shoulder on this voluminous zipped parka or barely structured shoulder on a double-breasted cashmere coat.

In Constant Motion

This is a man in motion, he cuts a supple figure. He strides out, unconstrained, at ease in trousers whether made in shantung silk or patinated calfskin.

Even the suits present no restrictions for him; he wears them with a roll-neck or zip-neck jumper in iridescent canvas that relaxes his bearing still further. 

Fragments of Dreams

The flames that dance over certain pullovers emanate from the dragon that features as a pendant or on a bag. These are bursts of reverie or science fiction that are echoed in the radiant midnight blue which spans the collection.
In Prussian blue, navy and indigo variants, it is complemented by the season’s other colours: black, charcoal grey and cigar brown. But flashes of saffron, sage, turquoise, lilac and vibrant green electrify a trench coat or a short jacket in rubberised canvas. Energy flows.

The Mobilier National

A cross between patrimonial vigilance and modernity, the building, constructed in concrete, was designed by Auguste Perret.
Credits : backstage @Matthieu Lavanchy, looks @Jean-François José, scenography @Matthieu Raffard