Scarves and Silk Accessories | Hermes

Back to front

The silk scarf is now printed on both sides in different shades by means of an innovative procedure developed through extensive research.

Play heads or tails

Carré squared

In this season’s innovation of double-sided printing, the two sides of a silk scarf are printed with the same design but in different colourways.

See the other side


Freedom for silk

Unprecedented know-how, bold wearing styles, for summer the scarf flies the flag for freedom.


The art of reinventing the silk scarf

Hermès invites some exceptional artists to produce their own interpretation of the silk scarf. Explore the Hermès Éditeur universe, with its exclusive collections of art on silk.



Soft, light styles jump on board at full speed, amid controlled scarf slaloms and acrobatic tie jumps. Tie them before the finish line!

RSE Empreintes

Footsteps across the world

Through this collection of films, documentary maker Frédéric Laffont reveals with humanistic perspective our unique relationship to sustainable development.


Hermès Carré Club

Creative studio, merry designers and Carré-OK sessions... Hermès dedicates this club to silk scarves enthusiasts.

Podcasts from Le Monde d‘Hermès

In this second series of podcasts, some of the house’s key figures recount their wildest dreams.